My Marketing Plan

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

This is example of what tools we may use to market your home to a successful close:

SFV MarketingPlan
Westside Marketing Plan

First Week:

1.     Submit listing to Five Multiple Listing Service – Claw,Crisnet,Itech,Mrmls,Vcmls

2.     Rodeo Realty post and beam sign in front of home

3.     Place lock box on property (if wanted)

4.     Take many photographs of your home

5.     Place virtual tour on websites for your home .YouTube video.

6.     Prepare full color property brochure

7.     Just listed cards to 500 surrounding neighbors

8.     Pitch your home at Rodeo Realty office meetings for Agents and Buyers

9.     Email your homes picture and description to all local Rodeo Realty Offices.

10.  Submit listing to over 50 national websites (,,,etc)

11.  Submit listing for International Marketing *

12.  Email Listing Information to all of my current clients

13.  Place your home in the LA Times Newspaper.

14.  Schedule and host Broker’s Open (if wanted, recommended)

15.  Schedule public open house (if wanted)

16.  Follow-Up with Brokers

Second Week:

1.     Check Showing Agents business cards and call log to review showing activity

2.     Call Showing Agents to get feedback from their showings/previewing

3.     Continue with all advertising and marketing efforts

4.     If we have received no offers then review pricing strategy


Third Week:

Home should be SOLD by fourth week, however if not:

1.     Continue all of the above

* Some Restrictions Apply

1.  Submit Listing to Multiple Listing Service

The MLS is our region’s main information center for the purchase and sale of homes in Los Angeles area.  We also upload up to 20 professionally shot pictures of your home to the MLS. Homes listed in our Claw, Crisnet, Itech, Mrmls are automatically uploaded to a Southern California Alliance website via an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) so that brokers/agents from all over Southern California can access listings even if they are not members of a particular board.

What this means to you is that brokers from all six of the Southern California Boards can access information about your home from San Luis Obispo all the way to San Diego County regardless of their office affiliation.

2.  Rodeo Realty Post and Beam Sign in Front of House

Rodeo Realty Post and Beam signs do not just indicate that your home is “For Sale”. Our distinctive signs with the “Rodeo Realty” logo are well known in the Southern California for selling the finest homes represented by professional and experienced agents with best training available. What this means to you is that buyers and other agents will know just by seeing the Rodeo Realty sign that yours is no ordinary home represented by no ordinary broker.  Fact: We are the most productive per-agent multi-branch residential real estate firm in the Los Angeles area.

3.  Place Lock Box on Property

There are two types of lock boxes available.  The most common type is the Supra box, which uses an electronic key.  This type of box keeps an electronic record of all the agents who have accessed the box for the key.  The benefit is that it makes the house very accessible to show.  The drawback is showing agents have the potential to just “drop by” at anytime and use the box to gain access to your home.  (We can however, list your home with “Showing Instructions” that mandate two hours notice before showing.)

The second alternative is a key box operated by combination lock.  Not as convenient to showing agents but it will guarantee that all agents who wish to show or see your home would have to call us first for the combination thereby guaranteeing prior notice before any showings.

4.  Take Photographs of Your Home

Instead of just relying on the MLS staff photographer’s single shot of your home for all brochures and Internet advertising we will photograph your home to showcase its best features.  What is does this mean to you?  First impressions are the most important.  The first impressions that agents and buyers get come from the pictures they see on the MLS, the Internet and on the brochures.

5.  Virtual Tour

Studies show that a significant majority of today’s homebuyers are Internet savvy and use the Internet to find their new home.  Next to photo stills a virtual tour is the best way to showcase your home to buyers that use the Internet to search for their new home. YouTube video for your home.

6. Prepare Full Color Property Brochures

Again, we use a professional photographer to shoot the pictures of your home and carefully write an appealing description of your home.  Why is this important?  Because at the end of a long day of looking at homes often the only thing that potential buyers of your home bring home with them are the color brochures to help them decided which home they want to make an offer on.

7.  Just Listed Cards to 500 Surrounding Neighbors

Often the best sources of buyers for your home come from your neighbors. Neighbors often have family, friends, or friends of friends that are looking for a home in the area.  Why is it important to send these out?  Because there are many potential buyers for your home that may not be actively working with a Real Estate agent and this is a great way to reach them.

8.  Pitch Your Home at Rodeo Realty Office Meetings for Agents and Buyers

As part of the pre-marketing campaign we will “pitch” your home to the other 100 agents in our office that have buyers. This is a great way to peak interest prior the Broker’s Open House or Broker’s Caravan.  As part of the pitch information about your home is circulated to all of the Rodeo Realty offices in the Los Angles Area reaching over 1000 agents.

9. Email Your Home’s Picture and Details To All Rodeo Realty Agents in Southern California Via Our In-house email System.

10.  Submit Listing to over 50 National Websites (Realtor,com,, etc.)

Once your listing becomes active in our local MLS system it will be linked our personal as well as National websites including, Trulia,com,, etc.

11. International Marketing we are associated with the largest globally recognized luxury real estate networks for marketing high end property internationally.


12.  Email Listing Information to All of Our Current Clients


13.  Place your home in the Los Angeles Times Newspaper


A showcase page for you on will get you more exposure, stats and better placement with more photos on your home. Los Angeles Times Newspaper.


14.  Schedule and Host Broker’s Open


Similar to the Public Open House but targeted at Broker’s and their clients.


15.  Schedule Public Open House (if wanted)


Here is another opportunity to showcase your home.


16.  Follow-Up with Brokers


Here we ask you to collect and save all of the cards left by visiting brokers so that we can pick them during the week.  To each broker we email a short questionnaire asking their opinion about your home, its   condition and price. This is important because it will give us valuable information about what brokers and their buyers are thinking about your home.


Second Week


1.     Check Showing Agents’ Business Cards and Our Call Log to Review Showing Activity


2.     Call Showing Agents to Get Feedback From Their Showings/Previews


3.     Continue With All Advertising and Marketing Efforts


4.     If We Have Received No Offers Then Review Pricing Strategy


The state of our current market is there are a lot of homes available. Hence homes that are priced at or near market value don’t last much more than a month or two before going into escrow.  We’d like to get you the most money possible for your home but if we don’t get any “action” in the first two weeks we should re-evaluate our pricing strategy.


Third Week


Home should be SOLD by fourth week, however if not:


1. “In the current market, if the property is priced correctly with the right exposure (marketing, positioning, and advertising) it should sell within three to four weeks, possibly sooner. Lots of showings with no offers (within a respectable amount of time) indicates that buyers feel the property is priced too high; very few showings indicate that agents think the property is priced too high.”